Why IntelliHire?

IntelliHire’s talent acquisition platform was created to help employers use modern technologies to source and acquire the best talent. Our Applicant Tracking System and Automated Interviewing Platform will help your company drastically reduce costs while significantly improving the quality of your hires.

Save Time and Money

Our platform will save you time and money by eliminating repetitive tasks.

Centralize Candidate Information​

Access candidate information from any device and any location.

Eliminate Unnecessary Interview​

Filter out candidates that aren’t compatible or qualified.

Grow Your Applicant Pool

Post instantly to multiple job boards and social media.

Assess Candidate Skills

Get an in-depth view of your candidate’s behavior, personality, and work experience.

Source Talent Worldwide

Connect to thousands of candidates around the globe with just a few clicks.

Team Reviewing

Quickly assemble a review team and collaborate remotely.

Manage Candidates

Control and review candidate process from sourcing through onboarding.

Always Be Recruiting

Connect to candidates through social media so you are always finding the best talent.

“We found IntelliHire’s web based product easy to use with many functional features that saved us time and effort.”

-Dennis H. Carson

City of Lafayette Economic Development Group

“IntelliHire has easily allowed me to reallocate 30% of my time.”

-Kitty Jones

Barrie School

The Traditional Hiring Model Is Obsolete

In a survey of 755 HR professionals in the public, private, and voluntary sectors, an average of $5,100 is spent hiring an average employee every year.


 Senior Managers/Directors

 Managers & Professionals

  Administrative, Secretarial, & Technical

  Services (customer, personal, protective, and sales)

 Manual/Craft Workers

In the same survey, the average number of weeks it takes to fill a vacancy is 9.8 weeks. Depending on the role you need to fill, it can take almost 18 weeks! By using IntelliHire, employers can reduce the time involved in hiring by 70%.


 Senior Managers/Directors

 Managers & Professionals

 Administrative, Secretarial, & Technical

 Services (customer, personal, protective, and sales)

 Manual/Craft Workers

IntelliHire’s Applicant Tracking System and Automated Interviewing System will help you directly reduce the labor costs of sourcing, screening, interviewing, and selecting candidates. Your current employees will be able to focus on their primary responsibilities instead of wasteful resume review and candidate evaluations.

Social Hiring, Exceptional Results