Partner with IntelliHire

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Channel Partners

As an IntelliHire Channel Partner, you’ll be selling, implementing and providing support to your customers using the IntelliHire platform.

Referral Partners

Know a great company that could use IntelliHire? Register a referral and send them our way and we will do the rest. We’ll pay you a referral commission for every deal that closes.

Tech Partners

Interested in integrating your solution with IntelliHire? Contact us to learn about how our API works and our certification process.

Recruiter Partners

Are you a recruiter? Are you looking for a platform to manage all of your client’s positions and candidates? As an IntelliHire Recruiter Partner you have access to a platform design specifically for recruiters.

Marketplace Partners

As an IntelliHire Marketplace Partner, you’ll be able to resell your customized job screeners, interviews, and assessments in our marketplace.

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