Hiring Solutions for the
IT & Tech Industry

IntelliHire makes hiring easier, faster, & affordable
IntelliHire makes hiring easier, faster, & affordable

job descriptions

Post Jobs & Recruit

Post & recruit jobs with a couple clicks

Start with one of our pre-built templates or post your own job openings with ease. With 4 easy steps – we’ll send your job openings to popular job boards, including Indeed, LinkedIn, and more.

All candidate information will be collected in one easy to access location.


Screen Automatically

Identify skilled candidates using our
prebuilt technical assessments

Find the best people for your business with our technical assessments. 

IntelliHire’s automatic assessments feature scores applicants based on the skills and qualifications that you specify. 


Interview & Hire

Interview & hire faster 

Speeding up your hiring process is easy when top candidates are identified through
A.I. scored assessments.

Dedicate your time to candidates with the right skills for your company and hire fast.

Identify top candidates automatically

Easily create screeners tailored to the skills and needs for your growing company. Our screening questionnaires are easy to make – start from one of our pre-built templates or create your own custom screening questionnaire with the help of AI.

Set it up once and let IntelliHire for IT go to work to find the best people for you. Easily filter and rank candidates with scored screening assessments. 

Now you can focus your time & identify top candidates faster with one easy-to-use tool. IntelliHire for IT takes the busy work out of hiring and lets you focus on people.

Let us do the busy work

Screen Candidates

With Our Technical Skill Assessments

Let us conduct the first interview
Easily set up your screening questionnaire and IntelliHire will automatically send it to everyone who applies – no matter which site they apply from.

Save time from reviewing applicants who don’t meet your minimum qualifications. Screening questionnaires can be built and scored based on the needs of your company.


Why IT Companies Love IntelliHire


Through efficient process and automation! Find candidates faster and move them through the pipeline quickly. IntelliHire’s IT customers hire faster versus posting opening on job sites alone. 


Use our pre-built skill assessment templates made just for IT companies. See how candidate compare and easily identify top candidates. 


IntelliHire does the leg work of posting, recruiting, screening, ranking, and more. Use our pre-built skill assessment templates to easily automate technical or first-round interviews.

“It’s like plug and play for hiring!”

Umut Bitlisli
All Computers Go!


Technical Skill Screening Templates

With technical assessments, written by actual IT Professionals, you can easily pre-screen applicants before looking at a single resume.

Save time & increase efficiency by starting with one of IntelliHire’s pre-built job templates and identify the top candidates for your IT position.


Measure what is important to your company! Start with one of our pre-built templates and customize to the needs of the specific position.

Whether it’s critical thinking or specialized technical skills – you can assess candidates on what is important to your company with IntelliHire’s digital assessments.

Questions can be weighted and scored based on difficulty and allow you to rank /filter candidates based on their abilities.


  • Create questions that will filter candidates based on their answers
  • Candidates with the best responses will receive the highest score/rank
  • Avoid interviewing unqualified candidates
  • Evaluate industry experience


Customize your assessments!

Take candidate screening to a new level. 
IntelliHire empowers you to find the best candidates fast.

Find top candidates faster

Assessment tests evaluate a candidate's skills before you start the interview process.

Find Great People

IntelliHire helps find the best candidates

Automatically screen applicants and identify top talent fast

Post Jobs – Recruit – Screen – Interview – Hire

Fill your technical positions today!