Promote Your Positions

Recruitment is a crucial component of business operations, ensuring that your organization maintains access to a constant flow of talent. With IntelliHire, you can be sure that the best talent will be available at your fingertips.


Easily extend invitations to individuals, groups, or previous candidates to complete an application or an interview.

  • Invite thousands of applicants in just a few clicks
  • Track progression of sent invitations
  • Quickly personalize invitations
  • Easily invite preceding applicants

Job Boards

Automatically post open job positions to popular career sites such as Indeed, Career Builder, Google, and more.

*Some job boards may require an additional payment for their services. Employers are fully responsible for paying all fees.

  • Receive applications from hundreds of professional candidates
  • Simultaneously post to multiple job boards

Social Networks

Instantly post open job positions to high traffic social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter.

  • Acquire a larger applicant pool
  • Save time when posting to multiple websites
  • Connect to candidates through mutual friends
  • Easily connect to your company’s social media account

Know Where to Find the Best Candidates