MSP Recruitment: 3 Positions You Need

November 17, 2021

MSP Recruitment Tips

Always be Recruiting!

When growing your MSP or IT Services business, creating an awesome team and culture is key!

You need great people to help your business run, so give your company an edge over the competition by following these tips about MSP recruitment and talent.

Top 3 Positions for growing MSPs & IT Service Businesses

Building a business from the bottom up can be difficult. Once you reach the high growth level, you’ll need to be recruiting top skilled people to help you run the day to day and increase sales.  

Once you reach this level, you should be recruiting for these hard to fill positions constantly:

1) Sales

2) Marketing

3) Skilled Technicians

Ultimately, your business’s growth is only as good as your team. And “The team with the best players WINS.” – Jack Welch.  (Read more of the former head of GE’s Leadership tips over at The 8 Rules of Leadership by Jack Welch

Here are the top positions that your growing MSP recruitment should focus on right now:

1. Sales

Top sales positions that MSPs and IT Service Businesses are recruiting for:

  1. Appointment Setter
  2. Business Development Representative
  3. Account Manager
  4. Outside Sales
  5. Sales Manager
Dedicated sales staff will help your company grow through new clients and increasing your monthly reoccurring revenue. All MSP recruitment efforts should include a sales position. 

2. Marketing

Here are the top marketing positions that growing MSPs and IT Service Businesses are recruiting for:

  1. Marketing Admin
  2. Marketing Manager
  3. Digital Marketing Manager
  4. Chief Marketing Officer
As your business grows, as will the need for additional marketing support. If you don’t have a marketing department, start small with a Marketing Admin who can get the ball rolling and free up your time with the day to day of marketing tasks. 

3. Skilled Technicians

Here are the key positions that growing MSPs and IT Service Businesses are constantly recruiting for:

  1. Helpdesk Support
  2. NOC Technician
  3. Systems Administrator
  4. Desktop Administrator
  5. Network Administrator
Having talented and dedicated technicians is key to any successful MSP or IT Service business. You should always be recruiting and looking for top talent that will keep your business thriving. You can make recruiting technical talent easier by using A.I. scored automated skill assessments. 

Regardless of what stage your IT business is in, the need for good people should always be a top priority. Explore our blog and resource areas for more hiring tips and information or follow us on your favorite social platform.

At IntelliHire, our focus is on people. Our platform, built by a leading MSP company, strives to help growing MSPs & IT Service Businesses find great people and build better teams. We provide easy to use hiring management software with built in skill assessments to enhance the hiring process. 

If you’re looking for an easier way to manage hiring, check out IntelliHire’s features to learn more about how we can help you create & post jobs, screen & manage candidates, and streamline the entire hiring process. 

Happy hiring!  

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