Knowing Candidate’s Strengths & Weaknesses

December 17, 2020

With few exceptions, screening/ interviewing candidates has become a major problem for companies these days. An oversupply of unemployed candidates and unhappy workers seeking employment or better jobs is clogging up inboxes and bogging down productivity.

The overflow of resumes is a problem for small companies. Often the small business does not have a dedicated recruiter or HR manager, which means that screening and interviewing candidates diverts attention away from other responsibilities. Spending the time to screen dozens or even hundreds of resumes just is not possible. Employee selection then becomes “first come, first served,” and quality and qualified candidates are missed.

Small business is not alone. Large business is overwhelmed with applications and they too do not have enough human resources and recruiting staff to manage the process.

Fortunately, technology and automation has again come to the rescue. No more is an automated applicant processing system too complex and too expensive for the small business. Like the cost of almost anything involving technology, the convenience eventually becomes irresistible and the investment has an almost immediate return on investment.

One of the most valuable resources of an ATS is learning a candidate’s strengths and weaknesses through automated interviews. It is extremely difficult to assess a candidate’s strengths and weaknesses before an employer decides to hire them with the constraints on time and resources. Qualifying a candidate who is not capable of completing their tasks can be a wasted effort in the company’s recruitment process. On several occasions, I have seen employers waste their efforts hiring unqualified individuals, which forces them to restart their recruitment process all over again. As you can imagine, there was an unnecessary amount of time and capital wasted because of inability to properly evaluate candidates during the screening process. Exceptional recruitment platforms offer employers with the opportunity to evaluate a candidate’s skills, personality, and aptitude by using a variety of assessments that were developed by industry professionals. With the help of these assessments, employers can accurately determine the strengths and weaknesses of each candidate before they even pass the screening phase.

It has never been easier for people to apply for jobs. High unemployment, rising employee disengagement, and lean human resource departments have only pushed companies to the brink of crisis when it comes to screening candidates efficiently, quickly, and cost effectively. Intellihire can help turn the dreaded experience of recruiting a candidate into a routine, productive, and easily managed event.
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