Makes hiring easier, faster, & affordable.

IntelliHire is the ultimate hiring platform hiring top talent.


Up to 1 active job posting
$ 100 A Month
  • 1 Active Job Posting
  • 1 User Account


Up to 5 active job posting
$ 300 A Month
  • 5 Active Job Postings
  • 3 User Accounts


Up to 10 active job posting
$ 500 A Month
  • 10 Active Job Postings
  • 5 User Accounts
Best Value

“As business owners, we all spend way too much time trying to put together the right team to scale our businesses and support our clients. IntelliHire has become our secret weapon to upleveling our team. The platform has significantly cut down on the time we spend on the entire hiring process. It has made us more efficient and helped us to hire some of the best employees we have ever had.”

Jeri Morgan


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