Earth Day 2021 Workplace Activities

April 22, 2021

Earth Day 2021 Activities for the Workplace

Happy Earth Day 2021! 🌎

We hope this 51st Earth Day celebration has you and your co-workers excited about making some earth friendly changes to your workday!⁠

For Earth Day 2021 we wanted to share a couple HR tips on how to engage with your employees and encourage green habits in the workplace! 🌱

🌎 Hold a Meeting Outside⁠
If the weather permits – have a meeting outside in the fresh air to both celebrate earth day and break up the workday. If your employees are WFH – encourage them to go for a walk during a conference call or meeting if they are able. ⁠

🌍 Review your Company’s Recycling Efforts⁠
Does your company have any green efforts? Are they still up-to-date or do they need a little updating? Take some time today to see how you can update or create some recycling or less wasteful policies for your company. Maybe it’s a scrap paper station or switching your office from bottled water to a updated filtration system. The sky is the limit! Bonus points for engaging your employees to come up with their own ideas! For WFH employees – keep them engaged by sending ideas and efforts on how they can re-use or recycle items in their home.⁠

🌏 Encourage Employees to Use Less Paper and/or Plastic.
Host a challenge to engage everyone in the earth day celebration. Maybe it’s using re-usable bottles or who can use the least amount of paper. Make it fun and it will be a win-win! 😉

🌎 Host a company fundraiser to plant a tree or something else green in your community. ⁠🌲

🌍 Ask employees to set future conservation/green goals for the company to work on during the next year. It will be fun to revisit and see how everyone has done on Earth Day 2022!⁠

We hope this Earth Day finds you happy and healthy and motivates you and your business to think more about our planet and what we can all do to make it a better place! 🌳

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