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Identify The Best Talent


Find the best candidates more quickly. IntelliHire’s screening process, allows you to ensure that candidates are highly qualified for your position.

Our automated screeners are designed to instantly filter, score, and rank candidates based on their responses.

  • Automated screenings help avoid inconsistencies
  • Evaluate industry experience
  • Significantly reduce time spent sorting candidates

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Have you ever interviewed a candidate with a polished resume, only to learn that their qualifications were overstated? IntelliHire's online interviewing allows you to build automated, objective assessments of the skills and experience of your candidates.

IntelliHire enables you to easily build powerful and flexible interviews with a variety of question formats that assist you in getting a better analysis of how well a candidate's qualifications fit your needs. By pre-qualifying candidates online, you can save precious face-to-face interviewing time identifying which candidates will be the best fit for your strategic goals and company culture.

  • Avoid in-person interviews with unqualified candidates
  • Acquire a standardized, objective view of every candidate's skills and experience
  • Spend your time focusing on workplace compatibility.

Bringing Talent Into Focus

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