Easily Screen Candidates

Sometimes a standard application doesn’t include enough information to truly understand everything about your applicants. Imagine if applications told you more, imagine if candidates were automatically screened upon completing your applications. IntelliHire’s screening process can make those dreams a reality.

Screenings allow you to create a custom interview, designed to have candidates respond to each question. Questions can be weighted, which will allow IntelliHire to automatically sort candidates for you, eliminating candidates who don’t qualify. No longer will hours be wasted at your desk sorting through resumes that aren’t suitable for the position. Screening reduces the time it takes to narrow your candidate pool so when you do reach out to an applicant, you already know they are qualified.

Automatic Screening
  • Create questions that will filter candidates based on their answers
  • Candidates with the best responses will receive the highest score/rank
  • Avoid interviewing unqualified candidates
  • Evaluate industry experience
Quick Results
  • Instantly view applicant responses
Time Saved
  • Significantly reduce time spent sorting candidates
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