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Create Your Own Careers Page

Are you tired of posting jobs on career boards just to have them clutter your email address?

Reduce the clutter and hassle by creating your very own career site. Rather than send all of your job candidates to an unmanageable email address, send them to your career site. From here, candidates can upload cover letters and resumes while you show off all of your various job openings.

With your career site, you will be able to establish an online recruiting presence, which will help you advertise not just your job listings but also your products/services to the public network. Your career site will help to reduce the time spent managing applicants by allowing them to apply to your site directly. Our automated communications will send an update to candidates when they apply, confirming that their application has been received. With IntelliHire, you can effectively manage your applications, job listings, and candidates from a centralized location.


Your career site has a variety of features to ensure that you are able to engage candidates in the best possible fashion.

Featured Jobs
  • Emphasize important positions that need to be filled
  • Highlight featured jobs on your career page
  • Inform candidates on jobs you are actively recruiting for
Customizable Theme
  • Customize your career page to market your brand
  • Quickly change background and text colors
  • Attract candidates to your career page
Easily Embedded
  • Quickly convert any company website into a career page
  • Build a larger applicant pool
  • Utilize website potential
One Location for Candidates
  • Centralize your information for candidates to easily access
  • Advertise job openings
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