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Create Custom Applications

Creating an electronic application can become a difficult and time consuming process. With IntelliHire, you can create powerful electronic applications without having to spend a significant amount of time working on them. These applications are highly customizable, allowing you to determine which questions you wish to ask job candidates. All of your applications are stored in an easily accessible location within our portal. Each candidate will receive a log-in when they apply, thus eliminating any chance of redundancy in your applications. Say goodbye to long hours sorting applications behind your desk.


Smart Applying
  • Completed applications are stored in a secure and searchable database. An applicant may not qualify for one job, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a spot for them in the future.
  • Candidates only need to apply once

  • Determine which questions you want to ask on an application.
  • Custom applications can be attached to certain job postings.

Accumulate a Database
  • Grow your applicant pool to include an assortment of talented candidates.

Bringing Talent Into Focus

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