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Career Site, Electronic Applications

The lack of web presence can be detrimental to a business in today’s digital age. That is why IntelliHire provides each of our clients with a highly customizable career page. From this page, you can create electronic applications, build a company branded homepage, and display various job postings. With our system, you can centralize and standardize all of your recruitment needs to one location.

Invite, Social Networks, Job Boards

Recruitment is a crucial piece of business operations, ensuring that your organization maintains a constant flow of talent running through it. Instantly post open job positions to popular job boards and high trafficking social media sites. With IntelliHire, you can always be recruiting the best talent possible.

Candidate Screening Automation

Find yourself interviewing the wrong candidates? Most hiring teams spend the majority of their time interviewing the wrong applicants in order to get to the right candidate. IntelliHire automatically eliminates unqualified candidates through a variety of screening technologies that were built to help you filter out the unqualified candidates without sacrificing the quality of hires. Put IntelliHire to work with set-it and forget-it screening technologies that only notify you when qualified candidates apply.

Aptitude, Personality, Behavior, Emotional intelligence, Cultural, Skills

Just because a candidate has the qualifications, doesn’t mean that they are a good hire. IntelliHire has developed strategic partnerships with organizations that excel in creating assessments that specialize in evaluating a candidate’s core traits. Easily evaluate each candidate’s aptitude, behavior, personality, and more.

Live & Automated Video Interviewing

Scheduling and conducting in-person interviews are a colossal headache and phone interviewing only gives a rough idea if a applicant is a good fit. Why commit to a process that is proven to be ineffective? Our apps allow you to conduct automated or live video interviews with job candidates without the hassles. Easily invite stakeholders to candidate interviews to help promote feedback. This process can be automated, allowing employers to focus on daily business operations.

Reference check

Conducting professional reference checks is an important step in the hiring process. References can validate that you have made the correct choice when selecting a hire. Easily perform automated reference checks on potential hires before you extend an offer.


Worried that the time spent using IntelliHire may be no different than your standard hiring process? Simplify the process by using our online marketplace. Whether general or job specific, we have templates that will suit your needs and help you save time.

Analytics that Measure Success

IntelliHire analytics gives you insight into which recruiting efforts are working and which are not. Through these reports, employers can view which jobs are receiving the most applications, which sources generate the most candidates, where the most promising candidates come from and more. Discover which job boards give you the greatest value.


A closed loop system that allows employers and candidates to communicate using email. Employers receive a temporary email account for each job posting, making it easy to keep track of applicants. This system helps to minimize junk emails, while keeping your own personal email uncluttered from recruitment activities.

Auditing History

Keep a transactional log on both your hiring team and all candidates that utilize the IntelliHire system. Our auditing system logs all major actions throughout the entire hiring process. These records are available for your auditing and compliance needs.

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